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Dead of Night and Hell’s Bells now available on Amazon!

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

Both Dead of Night and Hell’s Bells are now out on Amazon! I have stories in both of these collections, “Stillegeist” in Dead of Night and “Tradition” in Hell’s Bells. Get them here:

One past and two upcoming stories!

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Well, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve posted here, so I thought I should have a little update.  So hi, and sorry, and yeah, it’s been an uneventful year publication-wise.  I’ve mostly been working on novels, none of which are in the pipeline for actual publication, but even so, I’ve still had a couple of little pings in the short story field to make sure I’m not completely forgotten!

Firstly, earlier this year, my story “Boxing Day” was published in At The Edge, a great collection of Australian and New Zealand speculative fiction.  It’s a fantastic book, and I’m really very fond of the story I have in it, so if you get a chance, check it out.

Secondly, my story “Stillegeist”, originally published in Midnight Echo Issue #10, is being reprinted in a Best Of Midnight Echo anthology.  Dead of Night should be available later this year as an ebook, with print to follow.  So keep your eyes peeled.

And thirdly, and perhaps most excitingly, my story “The Circle Line” has been picked up for the upcoming anthology Between the Tracks, a train-themed horror anthology already featuring such great writers (and friends) as Alan Baxter, Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, along with fresh-faced newcomers like Christopher Golden, Ramsay Campbell and Clive Barker.  I’m sure they’ll do great things one day.  *blink*

Interestingly, all three of these tales are ghost stories, in one form or another.  Okay, perhaps not that interestingly!

Aaaaaand… that’ll do.  Hopefully I’ll post again before the same time next year, but, well, depending on who wins the US Presidential Election in a few days, I’ll either see you next time, or may the odds be ever in your favour.


Two new reviews

Friday, June 14th, 2013

There have been two new reviews of my work published online in the last few days.  Firstly, Andrew J. McKiernan reviewed Living With the Dead over at Thirteen O’Clock, in very complimentary terms.  To quote:

It shows Martin Livings to be an author who enjoys tugging on his readers’ heartstrings just as much as he enjoys severing them. Twenty years is a long time to have been publishing short stories but, on the strength of Living With the Dead, I’m hoping that in twenty years I’ll be waxing lyrical about Martin Livings’ second retrospective collection.

The full review is here:

Secondly, Adam Millard at This is Horror comprehensively reviewed the most recent issue of Midnight Echo Magazine, Issue 9, and said very nice things about my story in the issue, “Black Peter”:

First up it’s ‘Black Peter’ by Martin Livings; an extremely powerful story with issues of race, and hatred thereof, very much at its heart. Beautifully written, with a strong and clear message, this is a great start to the issue.

Again, full review (covering every story in the issue!) is here:

Thanks to both This is Horror and Thirteen O’Clock for such lovely reviews!

Lots of ebook news!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

I thought I’d do a quick post with all of this information, since not one, not two, but THREE books that I’m in have recently been released as ebooks. It’s drought or flood in the writing world, I tells ya.

Firstly, and most importantly, my collection Living With the Dead has now been released in ebook format.  Both epub and mobi versions are available directly from the publisher, Dark Prints Press, for the very low price of AU$5.  That’s five bucks for twenty years of work and twenty three stories.  I think that’s quite reasonable, don’t you?  It can be purchased in ebook and hard copy here:

Secondly, Ticonderoga PublicationsDead Red Heart, a massive collection of Australian vampire stories, is now also available in ebook format from Smashwords.  US$5.99 isn’t much to ask for a collection of 33 amazing stories, including both my solo story “The Rider” and the much-acclaimed collaborative tale I oversaw, “The Tide”. Buy it now if you haven’t already!

Lastly, but by no means leastly (??), the Canberra Science Fiction Guild‘s collection Next is also now available as an ebook! Including my story “Cause and Effect”, as well as many many others! Only US$4.99!

I think that’s about it, unless I’ve missed any!  Oh yes, I have!  The Australian Horror Writers Association magazine Midnight Echo has released its ninth issue, and my story “Black Peter” is there.  It’s free for AHWA members, and AU$2.99 for a digital copy (all formats included – PDF, epub and mobi) or AU$12.50 plus postage for a hard copy.

And Antipodean SF have just released their 180th issue (yes, you read that correctly!), which contains a silly collaborative story by myself and Jason Fischer, “Art, Ink”.  It’s available as an epub here:

Right, I think that’s it.  Carry on!

“Birthday Suit” wins Australian Shadow Award for Short Fiction!

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Breaking amazing news, this evening the Australian Horror Writers Association announced the winners of its annual Australian Shadows Awards, and to my absolute surprise and delight, my story “Birthday Suit” from Living With the Dead has won the award for Short Fiction!  Considering I was up against Felicity Dowker, Jason Fischer, Andrew J. McKiernan, Marty Young, and TWO stories by powerhouse (and foreword writer for my collection) Kaaron Warren, I didn’t think I stood a chance, so I’m utterly flabbergasted and humbled by the results.  I’ve been writing professionally for over twenty years now, and this is the first national award I’ve won in that time.  So at this rate, I’ll most likely win my next in around 2033!

All the results are available here:

Birthday Suit” is a very special story for me, and is dedicated to my writing inspiration and friend, Paul Haines.  We all miss you heaps.

I should also point out that this now-award-winning story is still available to download for free here:

The book is also for sale here, so if you haven’t bought it yet, now is the perfect time!  I should also mention that Craig Bezant, commander-in-chief of the Dark Prints Brigade, also won a Shadow tonight for editing the truly excellent anthology Surviving the End, which features a story by me as well, so in a way, I can bask in the reflected glory of that win as well.  Craig and I will be clinking skull trophies when we get out hands on them, I’m sure!

And now two Australian Shadows Award nominations as well!

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

The good news keeps on coming… after “Birthday Suit” was nominated for a Tin Duck, then Living With the Dead was nominated for an Aurealis Award, now comes the news that both “Birthday Suit” and Living With the Dead have been nominated for Australian Shadows awards, “Birthday Suit” for Short Fiction and Living With the Dead for Collection.  That’s amazing news; I’ve been nominated for the Shadows in the past a couple of times over the last twenty years, but never twice in one year, so I’m really happy that the hard work Dark Prints Press and I have put into Living With the Dead has been recognised.  I’m so proud and humbled yet again to have been nominated with such an esteemed list of amazing writers, and can’t wait to hear the results; win or not-win, it’s all good with this crowd in the running!

The complete list of nominees is available HERE:

And remember, you can read “Birthday Suit” for free and purchase Living With the Dead HERE:

Two upcoming book launches!

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Yes, after twenty long years in the making, it appears that my collection Living With the Dead is so huge, so amazing, that it requires not one but two book launches in order to get off the ground.  Yes, there’ll be a smallish launch at GenreCon in Parramatta NSW next weekend, then a fortnight after that we’ll be in Perth WA to launch it again, this time at Stefen’s Books in the CBD, so all my Perth friends and family can make it.  Yep, this is a nationwide book launch tour, baby!

The details of each are:

Living With the Dead GenreCon Launch
Sunday November 4th 2o12, 3pm-4pm (AEST)
The Rydges Parramatta (at the convention!)
(this will be happening during the Australian Horror Writers Association community showcase, for which we give our sincerest thanks!)
Facebook Event:

Living With the Dead Perth Launch
Saturday November 17th 2012, 11pm-12pm (AWST)
Stefen’s Books, Shop 8 Shafto Lane, Perth, Western Australia (then afterwards at The Generous Squire across the lane!)
Facebook Event:

I hope to see both east and west coasters at these events, and to press copies of this book into your unsuspecting hands!  Big thanks have to go to GenreCon, the AHWA and Stefen’s Books for kindly allowing us to launch.  You all rock!

A brief interview with Greg Chapman

Friday, July 20th, 2012

VaudevilleYes, in a moment of the purest and most shameless cross-promotion since A Current Affair had stories about The Voice pretty much every night, the author of that other Dark Prints Press novella  released today, Vaudeville’s Greg Chapman and I have interviewed each other.  And the results are… well, the results are below, or half of them at least.  The other half will appear at Greg’s blog.


– Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Greg Chapman?

Dark fiction author and artist from Rockhampton in Central Queensland; father of two fiery redheaded girls; former newspaper journalist who went over to the dark side of public relations. Mostly though I’ve got my head in the clouds, dreaming up a new tale or piece of artwork.

My writing fluctuates between Poe and Barker. I like my fiction to be equal parts horror and terror. For some reason my work seems to feature children encountering monsters both real and imaginary and probably has something to do with my childhood phobia of the dark.

For most of my life I’d dabbled in writing stories and drawing comic strips, but it wasn’t until 2009 when I nabbed a spot on the Australian Horror Writers Association’s Mentor Program with Melbourne author Brett McBean, that I started to really get serious.

In 2010 I finished writing my first two novellas Torment and The Noctuary and they were published in e-book and paperback in 2011 by US small publisher Damnation Books. I had a few other short stories published here and there, but I got a chance to pick up the drawing pens again around the same time when author Mark Farrugia contacted me about doing a vampire comic strip called “Allure of the Ancients” for AHWA’s official fiction mag Midnight Echo.

Rocky Wood, president of the Horror Writers Association and Stephen King guru saw that strip and subsequently contacted me about illustrating a graphic novel with fellow Bram Stoker Award winner Lisa Morton. That graphic novel, Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times, was published by McFarland in May of this year to critical acclaim.

I guess it goes without saying that I owe the AHWA a massive debt of gratitude.

The last two years have been frenetic, but fun and Vaudeville is another notch on my belt.

– Where did the inspiration for “Vaudeville” come from?

A number of places. Circus performers and eccentric stage actors have always fascinated me and one day I imagined what it would be like if a troupe of evil actors rolled into town and created havoc. I also wanted to expose that terror through a child’s eyes and touch upon themes of grief; how children experience loss. In the end though I wanted to create some memorable, grotesque monsters and scare the crap out of readers. I hope I’ve succeeded in capturing all those aspects in the story.

– What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

Probably more art than any writing right now. I’ve got another installment of Allure of the Ancients to draw for Midnight Echo #8 and possibly some more comic work for an overseas publisher that I can’t really talk about yet 😉

I have been agonising over my first novel for the last 2 years and I’m hoping to tackle that again soon. Another novella about Halloween (yes, another novella) is begging to be completed and I’m currently reading like a madman as judge in the short fiction/collection category of Australian Shadows Awards. I’ve never been so busy in my life – but I’m loving it.

– And finally, Beatles or Stones?

Although I never had the privilege of growing up with them (yes, I’m from Generation X!) I certainly have a fondness for The Rolling Stones!

You can find Greg at his blog, at:

Review of Macabre!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

There’s been a very positive review of Brimstone Press’ magnificent octopus Macabre over at Innsmouth Free Press.  Fellow AWHA alumni Amanda Spedding says some very nice things about it, and my story “Crawlin” gets a mention, which I’m chuffed about, because in a book that big, getting noticed ain’t easy!  She says:

There are so many stories in this section I enjoyed, each one a new gift to be unwrapped. One worth special mention is Martin Livings’ “Crawlin”. The first person narrative of this piece, the agony and the desperation of the character, is reinforced by the style. Bare-bones punctuation drives this story forward, and the disjointed thoughts, feelings and experiences transported me completely into the main character’s hell.

I’m so glad she liked it; when pitching it to Angela and Marty, we all agreed that people would either love or hate this one; it isn’t a wishy-washy piece, whatever else you might say about it!  The entire review is available HERE.



First big news of 2011

Friday, January 7th, 2011

This is something that’s been in discussion for a little while now (and no, not that something, it’s another something), but after a fruitful meeting today, and since I’m going back to the day job next week, I feel pretty confident in announcing that new local small press Dark Prints Press will be publishing the first ever collection of my stories, tentatively out around late 2012 or early 2013.  At this stage it’ll be called Living With The Dead, and it’ll be a”best-of” style collection, taken from all the years I’ve been doing this, and with some originals as well for good measure.   It seems fairly appropriate that it’ll be coming out more or less exactly twenty years since my first short story publication, and I’m heartily excited about the prospect.  I’ll be pimping the hell out of it down the track, of course, once the whole project has proceeded a bit further, but for the moment I’m just bouncing at the idea of having a collection out there!

For those who don’t know the work of Craig Bezant and Dark Prints Press yet, might I suggest checking out his quite long-running dark fiction free webzine Eclecticism, and perhaps buying a copy of his first print anthology, a collection of the stories published in the webzine, An Eclectic Slice Of Life?  Craig was also once my mentor in the AHWA mentorship program, and now he’s my editor, which I guess makes him Darth Vader to my Obi Wan!




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