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Carnies Cohesion Press 2014
Living With The Dead Dark Prints Press 2012
Rope Dark Prints Press 2012
Carnies Lothian Books June 2006

“The Circle Line” Between the Tracks 2017
“Tradition” Hell’s Bells December 2016
“Stillegeist” Dead of Night December 2016
“Boxing Day” At The Edge 2016
“Piggies” 100 Lightnings 2016
“In Nomine Patris” 100 Lightnings 2016
“Running” The Mammoth Book of Kaiju 2016
“The Death of a Cruciverbalist” Smashwords on its own, or in Refuge Volume 1 2015
“A Red Mist” Bloodlines 2015
“Closer to God” Antipodean SF, issue 200 Feb 2015
“El Caballo Muerte” Fat Zombie 2015
“La Mort D’un Roturier” The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2013 Late Nov 2014
“Birthday Suit” Focus 2012 2013
“Stillegeist” Midnight Echo Issue 10 2013
“You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet” Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2012 2013
“In His Name” Coins of Chaos Oct 2013
“La Mort d’un Roturier” This is How You Die: Machine of Death 2 2013
“Black Peter” Midnight Echo Issue 9 2013
“Cause and Effect” Next 2013
“Art, Ink” Antipodean SF Issue 180 2013
“The Ar-Dub” Living With the Dead 2012
“You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet” Living With the Dead 2012
“Birthday Suit” Living With the Dead 2012
“Trick Or…” Eclecticism Issue 17 2012
“Unwanted” Surviving The End 2012
“Home” Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror Volume 1 2011
“The Rider” Dead Red Heart 2011
“The Tide” (creator and co-contributor) Dead Red Heart 2011
“The Last Gig of Jimmy Rucker” (with Talie Helene)
More Scary Kisses 2011
“Blessed Are The Dead That The Rain Falls Upon” Devil Dolls and Duplicates in Australian Horror Fiction 2011
“Home” Scenes from the Second Storey 2010
“Crawling” Macabre 2010
“Ascension” The Year’s Best Australian SF & Fantasy, Volume 5 2010
“Little Arkham” Worlds Next Door 2010
“Downtown” Eclecticism Issue 13 2010
“Hearts of Ice” Blade Red Dark Pages 2010
“The Valley” Scary Kisses 2010
“Lollo” Close Encounters of the Urban Kind 2010
“I’m Dreaming…” Festive Fear 2009
“Silence” Midnight Echo Issue 3 2009
“Zero Point” Antipodean SF, Issue 137 November 2009
“Smiley” In Bad Dreams 2: Where Death Stalks 2009
“Ascension” Grants Pass 2009
“Blessed Are The Dead That The Rain Falls Upon” New Ceres Nights 2009
“There Was Darkness” Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror Volume 3 2009
“The Velocitous and the Vexed” Hope Issue #2 2009
“Bedbugs” Voices 2008
“The Dead Priest’s Tale” Canterbury 2100 2008
“Piggies” Midnight Echo Issue 1 October 2008
“Catharsis” Black Box March 2008
“3:17AM” Black Box March 2008
“Skin Songs” 2012 March 2008
“An Evil Twin” Antipodean SF Issue 113 October 2007
“Tangled” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Best Of Horror 2007
“There Was Darkness” Fantastic Wonder Stories April 2007
“Silence” Horror Day Anthology 2006 October 2006
“Hooked” Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2006 edition October 2006
“Dwar7es” Ticonderoga Online September 2006
“The Dark Dimension” Antipodean SF issue 100 September 2006
“Running” The Year’s Best Australian SF & Fantasy, Volume Two 2006
“Mine” The Outcast anthology 2006
“Killing Time” “Robots and Time” anthology 2005
“Playtime” Shadow Box e-anthology Halloween 2005
“Hell Desk” Antipodean SF Issue 85 July/August 2005
“In Nomine Patris” Shadowed Realms issue 5 May/June 2005
“Future Shock” Mitch? 4: Slow Dancing through Quicksand: Stories from Aussie writers who should’ve known better March 2005
“Running” Daikaiju Anthology March 2005
“Hooked” Borderlands Issue 5 March 2005
“M’Boy Cain” Ticonderoga Online Issue 3 March 2005
“I, Assassin” Shadowed Realms Issue 2 Nov/Dev 2004
“Armageddon for Dummies” Antipodean SF Issue 75 August 2004
“Maelstrom” Agog! Smashing Stories 2004
“Tangled” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue 11 2004
“Wood Whispers” Fables and Reflections 6 2004
“The Art of Suffering” Ticonderoga Online March 2004
“Know-It-All” Antipodean SF Issue 67 2003
“Mrs Mary Unicorn” Borderlands: Trilogies convention book 2003
“House Call” Antipodean SF Issue 62 2003
“Sigmund Freud and the Feral Freeway” Agog! Terrific Tales 2003
“The Proverbial” Fables and Reflections 4 2003
“The Last Dolphin” Fables and Reflections 4 2003
“The Last Laugh” Borderlands: That Which Scares Us convention book 2002
“Into the Valley” Borderlands: That Which Scares Us convention book (winner of short story competition) 2002
“Halo” AustrAlien Absurdities 2002
“Quicksilver” Mitch? Hacks to the Max 2002
“Alternator” Mitch? Tarts of the New Millennium 2001
“Sweetheart” Antipodean SF issue 35 2001
“Wrevelation” Mitch? Short Stories for Short Attention Spans 2000
“Hunters” published on the Ticonderoga web site 1999
“Living With the Dead” Eidolon issue 16 1995
“Ghost Card” Eidolon issue 10 1992
“Shifter” Aurealis issue 9 1992


“The Last Gig of Jimmy Rucker” More Scary Kisses 2011




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